But oh, no, you still think it's neat having Slayer strength. Ooh, big deal! Stronger than humans! Who isn't?
Buffy super strength into the woods

Buffy propels a vampire into the air with a mere shove

Super Strength was the ability to exert physical force greater than what their body would allow. It was a common power among many supernatural beings (particularly demons), though their exact level of strength could vary between beings and races.

List of Super Strong Beings


  • Vampires: All vampires were stronger than humans (newly-risen vampires can lift and throw humans with ease). Strength increased with age. (vampires aged 500+ years can decapitate opponents with ease).
  • Turok-Han: Greater than normal vampires.
  • Van-Tal: Greater than normal vampires.
  • Zompires: Greater than normal vampires.
  • Slaypires: Greater than normal vampires and Slayers.
  • New Vampires: Greater than normal vampires (Can toss aside vehicles)

Standard Demons

Other Supernatural Beings

Super Humans

  • Slayers: Greater than vampires aged 200+ years and some demons. (Can carry several hundred pounds with ease/can lift roughly 2 tonnes with effort). 
  • Buffy Summers and Angel: As part of the Twilight prophecy, their physical strength increased astronomically. Can lift trains with one hand.
  • Connor: Greater than Vampires
  • Caleb: Greater than Slayers
  • Marcus Hamilton: Greater than Vampires and Slayers. Can punch a hole through a man's chest with ease.
  • Primals: When possessed, could be almost as strong as Slayers.
  • Severin: If he has absorbed enough mystical energy, Severin was strong enough to overpower even Illyria.


Higher Beings and Old Ones

  • Glorificus: Greater than Slayers,Demons & Vampires in her human form. (Can level a large building by stomping her foot and slaughter hundreds of men in mere seconds.)
  • Illyria: Greater than Slayers ,Demons & Vampires. (Can lift an Indian elephant in a child's body and battle T-Rex)
    • Still possessed great strength when her powers were diminished (Can shatter a demon's head with a single punch).
  • Maloker: More powerful than all other vampires.
  • Jasmine: Greater than Vampires, Demons & Slayers. (Can lift a station wagon)
  • Myresto Mor: Greater than vampires aged 200+ (Can rip limbs off a vampire) as well as Demons & Slayers
  • The Beast: Greater than Slayers & Vampires.
  • Whistler: Greater than Vampires & Slayers & Powerful Half Demons like (Pearl & Nash).

Ways to Enhance Strength

There were several means to temporarily increase one's strength considerably.

  • Casting To Enhance Strength spell on oneself will grant Slayer-level strength.
  • Equipping the Orbs of Nezzla'khan will grant the user enough strength to lift an entire armoured car.
  • Vampires can enhance their strength by drinking special blood.
  • The drugs the Initiative agents took that were administered by Maggie Walsh enhanced their physical attributes, but not to a supernatural level.
  • Pete Clarner used a special formula to enhance his strength. He was strong enough to break open the library cage door used to house werewolves.
  • Demonic Possession could cause the victim to have fits of inhuman strength.
  • A mystical drug could make a Kwaini demon 20 times stronger than its innate strength.
  • Through some unspecified means, Lindsey McDonald augmented his strength to a level roughly equal to Angel's.
  • When Andrew Wells drank a potion that turned him into his ideal self, his strength was increased to what he described as close to Golden-Age Superman.



  • Both Buffy and Angel often show inconsistences in their character's physical strength. For instance, characters are sometimes shown restrained by chains, yet in other episodes can bend metal with their hands.
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