These people are sheep. They want to be vampires 'cause they're lonely, or miserable, or bored.
―Billy Fordham[src]

The Sunset Club was a gothic night club located in Sunnydale in which vampire-wannabe posers and true vampire worshipers such as Ford, Diego and Chantarelle gathered.

Background[edit | edit source]

We welcome anyone who's interested in the Lonely Ones.

"Chantarelle" and "Diego", two prominent members of the Sunset Club

The Sunset Club was a group of teenage vampire worshipers. However, most members had never actually seen a real vampire, and thus they naively believed them to be gentle, lonely, and misunderstood creatures burdened with immortality, referring to them as the "Lonely Ones." Afteer Willow, Xander and Angel stop by to do some snooping, Willow describes the decor and theme of the place as "vampires, yay". Either because of the intimidating appearance or the niche demographic, the club is suffering from money troubles which Diego relates to Billy saying "The lease is almost up on this place, who is going to cover that?"

Ford used the place to set a trap for Buffy Summers so he would be turned into a vampire by Spike. He took advantage of the fact that the Club had been set in a former bomb shelter that, once locked, could only be opened from the outside, thus trapping everyone inside for Spike, Drusilla and their minions.

When Spike and his minions arrived, the "true believers" of the Sunset Club discovered the true nature of vampires after they were all violently attacked by them, but Buffy, threatened to stake Drusilla, forcing them to let everyone go.

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