Cordelia rehearsing for the talent show

The Sunnydale Talent Show was an annual event at Sunnydale High where various students participated in presenting acts to an audience of their parents and teachers.


In 1997, the last member of the Brotherhood of Seven killed one of the participants, Emily Djiemanowicz, and removed out her heart so he might retain human form. Sid, a cursed demon hunter, went undercover as part of a ventriloquist act alongside a student, Morgan Shay, in order to find the demon and kill it. At first, he suspected it was Buffy Summers because of her strength, but after a confrontation, the two teamed up. Together, they killed Marc, the real perpetrator before he could behead Rupert Giles, the supervisor of the talent show. However, just after this, the curtain was unveiled and the audience watched in confusion.

Proceeding this, Buffy, Giles, and Xander performed a talentless rendition of Oedipus the King, which ended prematurely when Willow succumbed to stage fright and took off running.


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