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Sunnydale Press was the local newspaper of Sunnydale. A vending machine selling the Sunnydale Press was located outside the Magic Box.[1]


Early 1900s[]

Some time after 1899, the year of Sunnydale's foundation,[2] the Sunnydale Press published a report on the newly elected mayor Richard Wilkins riding around town in his motorized buckboard and the support Mrs. Helen McDonagh gave him as one of the richest people in town.[3]


On her first day in Sunnydale High School, Buffy saw an edition of the Sunnydale Press on the school library's counter. Giles had circled the report "Local Boys Still Missing," written by Lilian Camargo.[4]

Weeks later, the front-page headline reported: "Five Die In Van Accident" with a picture of Andrew Borba, written by Sandra Sorzano. Giles identified this event as the rise of the Anointed One.[5]


In 1997, Giles collected various editions of Sunnydale Press and other newspapers to investigate people's nightmares becoming true. Buffy recognized Billy's picture on the front page, which had the headline: "Billy Palmer, 12, in Coma."[6]

That same year, Clarissa McPeck wrote the article about the death of Meredith Todd, Jane Atkins, and Cathy Ryan under the headline: "Tragic Accident Kills Three." Willow found the report online while investigating the robbery of Meredith's corpse, then the Scooby Gang found the same newspaper in Chris Epps's locker.[7]

Following the death of the demon Machida, the headline "Fraternity Arrested" reported that all members of the Crestwood College fraternity Delta Zeta Kappa were sentenced to consecutive life sentences. Xander read: "Investigators found the bones of missing girls in a huge cavern beneath the frat house, and older bones dating back 50 years. A surprising number of corporations whose chairman and founders are former Delta Zeta Kappas are suffering from falling profits, IRS raids, and suicides in the boardroom."[8]

During a Scooby reunion, Cordelia had on her lap an edition of Sunnydale Press with the front-page headline: "Park Offers New Planting Ideas."[9]


While investigating a werewolf appearance, Giles identified on Sunnydale Press reports of a number of "wild dog" attacks around town, with several animal carcasses found mutilated.[10]

Researching a haunting case in Sunnydale High School, Willow found online the report of the death of James Stanley and Grace Newman in 1955. The article was written by Clarissa McPeck and titled: "Sunnydale High Jock Kills Lover, Self." It said that a student murdered a teacher on the night of the Sadie Hawkins dance. There were rumors that they were having an affair and Grace tried to break it off; after James killed her, he went into the music room and shot himself.[11]

Drusilla read on Sunnydale Press the front-page article with the headline: "Mysterious Obelisk Unearthed — Excavators Discover Ancient Artifact," by Clarissa McPeck. She described that "something terrible" was coming "with a surprise inside," referring to the demon Acathla.[12] The same edition laid over the coffee table of the Summers residence.[13]

Upon Faith's arrival in Sunnydale, Giles showed her and Buffy a Sunnydale Press edition that reported the disappearance of two people from the Sunset Ridge district. One of these cases referred to Mister Trick attacking a Happy Burger employee the previous night.[14]


One morning, Buffy browsed the Sunnydale Press in search of reports of the encounter she and Faith had with the Sunnydale Police the previous night. Joyce began to read the paper after Buffy left it on the kitchen paper.[15]

Wesley handed Giles an edition of Sunnydale Press reporting the death of Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, instructing that the Slayer should investigate the case.[16]

After Faith killed Professor Lester Worth, Buffy showed that morning's Sunnydale Press to Giles affirming that Faith had done it. The edition had the front-page headline: "PROFESSOR FOUND MURDERED" accompanied by a picture of his fallen corpse. The article described that Mr. Worth was a visiting professor of geology and was brutally stabbed.[17]

On the day following the Gentlemen's first night of attack in Sunnydale, Giles fetched a copy of the Sunnydale Press from his apartment's door. The edition had the front-page headlines: "BRUTAL SLAYING SHOCKS SILENT COMMUNITY" by Charles Massey, "15-Year Old Girl Found Stabbed, Heart Was Missing" by Walter Forsythe, "Scientists Claim Earth's Temperature Takes Another Turn for the Worse," and "Inventors Flock to Fair" by Jeremy Lovell. Both Giles and the Initiative took notice of the article on the stabbed girl.[18]


In UC Sunnydale, Buffy passed by another student reading the Sunnydale Press and noticed the front-page headline: "METRORAIL MASSACRE - Six Found Murdered on Train at Sunnydale Station." She took the paper from him and read: "Unconfirmed reports of severe trauma to the throats of one or more of the victims." Buffy concluded that vampires were the cause, and indeed Drusilla had been responsible for the attack.[19]

During Sweet's stay in Sunnydale, Xander grabbed a Sunnydale Press in his apartment with the front-page headline: "MAYHEM CAUSED — MONSTERS CERTAINLY NOT INVOLVED, OFFICIALS SAY." Other headlines were "Investigation Turns Down Heat As Teen Vandals Are Suspect Target," "New Technologies Being Integrated to Police Tracking Facilities Against Criminals" by Ernesto Hernandez, and "Mayor Approves Fingerprint Computers."[20]

Following the Trio's invasion of Sunnydale Natural History Museum, Willow read the report in Sunnydale Press about Rusty's health state after the Trio used their freeze ray on him. on. Under the headline "Museum Guard Attacked, Frozen — Body Thawed, Remains Unconscious — Vital systems slowed, guard will survive," the article said they had to use dryers to thaw Rusty. Other articles on this edition were: "... Workers Yield Just a Bit," "Economy Could Reboot" by Robert Boyer, and "WORK: Battle for Service Jobs Intensifies."[21]


Some known authors of reports on Sunnydale Press were:




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