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The Sunnydale Police Department was the police force of the town of Sunnydale. Under Mayor Wilkins's orders, the police covered up the many supernatural events within the city.[1][2] After Wilkins's demise, there was still evidence to suggest they continued to cover up the supernatural.[3] According to Principal Snyder, the police were "deeply stupid."[4]



While running away from the Order of Aurelius, Willow suggested Jesse and Xander get to a police station, located "just a few blocks up" from the cemetery they were, but Luke got on their way.[5] Later, in the Sunnydale High School library, Giles explained to Willow that the police wouldn't believe her if she called them to act against vampires, and Buffy added that the police couldn't handle vampires even if they did show up: they'd only come with guns.[6]

The Sunnydale police patrolled Weatherly Park two nights after the death of a homeless person in the park. The person had been shredded by Claw, a vampire with three sharp metal pieces in place of his right hand. They detected movement when Buffy fought Claw in the park, but their loud approach with flashlights caused the vampire to escape the park, and Buffy went after him.[7]

The rise of the Anointed One involved the death of Andrew Borba, whom the police had sought for questioning in a double murder.[8]


With the death of Emily Djiemanowicz in Sunnydale High School, the police isolated the locker room with tape. The demon Marc had removed her heart, and another student found Emily's corpse.[9]

Giles spoke to a police spokesperson concerning the body parts Cordelia found in the school's dumpster. According to them, the police had finished sorting through them and found three heads, which helped the Scooby Gang to conclude that Chris and Eric had the corpse of three girls, but they needed the head of a living girl to finish building a girlfriend for Daryl Epps. Later, the police showed up to respond to the fire in the old Sunnydale High science lab Chris and Eric had been using for their project.[10]

In his first night in Sunnydale, Spike called the attention of the Slayer by shouting in the Bronze that he wanted to call the police for "some big guy out there" trying to bite somebody. Buffy promptly left the dance floor and staked the vampire biting a girl outside the club.[1]

On the Night of Saint Vigeous, Spike attacked Sunnydale High, but the police only arrived after the vampires had left the building. Chief Bob Munroe talked with Principal Snyder and they agreed that Bob would tell the media the "usual" story instead of the truth: that the vampires were instead a gang on PCP.[1]

After Eyghon killed Philip Henry, Detective Winslow visited Giles with two officers to inform him about a "homicide" on campus; the victim had no identification, but carried a slip of paper with Giles's name and address on it. She had Giles accompany her to the morgue, where he identified the victim and described him as a friend in London that he hadn't spoken with in twenty years. Winslow asked if Giles could think of any reason why Philip might had wanted to contact him or if he knew what his tattoo was. Giles denied both questions, concealing that he also had a Mark of Eyghon on his own arm and knew he would soon be sought by Eyghon as well.[11]

For the Sunnydale High Career Fair, the Order of Taraka assassin Patrice disguised herself as a police officer and called Buffy's name for the seminar. When Buffy identified herself, Patrice drew her gun and aimed it at the Slayer; Buffy avoided the bullet, which instead hit Oz in the arm. Kendra and Buffy fought Patrice, but the assassin escaped.[12]

With the accidental death of Ted Buchanan in the Summers residence, Detective Paul Stein questioned Joyce about the incident. Buffy answered for her mother saying that Ted had fallen down the stairs because she hit him. In the interrogation room of the police station, Buffy gave details of her fight with Ted: that he had threatened her, taken her diary, and hit her. Afterward, Detective Stein explained to Joyce that Buffy wasn't charged with anything because she said Ted had strike her and they were going to examine it further. However, Ted revealed himself to Joyce in the following night, having survived and being a robot. After Buffy defeated him, the police found the corpses Ted kept in his bunker of his four ex-wives.[13]


The police went to Giles's apartment the night Angel left the corpse of Jenny on his bed. An officer asked Giles to come to the police station to answer "a few questions."[14]

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