The Sunnydale Park was the local park in Sunnydale. There is an area for children.


In 1997, Spike arrived here when coming to Sunnydale for the first time; Drusilla menaced a little boy saved by Angel, her sire, observed by the Slayer.

In 1998, Buffy finds Kendra Young, coming to help the Scoobies against Angelus and Drusilla, this begins her first alliance with Spike. Months later, attracted by Ovu Mobani's mask, zombies walk here since many adults, having been reversed into their teenage selves by magic candy, play here. After his separation with Drusilla, a drunken Spike returns here. During a picnic, the Scooby Gang killed a demon.

In 1999, Joyce Summers find the dead bodies of Hans and Gretta Strauss. When fighting a vampire, Buffy had weakness because of her Cruciamentium. Buffy fights against telepathic demons. When searching for a magical ring, Spike constructs a tunnel under the park.

In 2000, many family are frightened by a Fyarl Demon, who is actually a transformed Rupert Giles.

In 2001, Buffy and Spike search for Dawn here and had their first civilized dialog, later Buffy Summers fights against the sexbot April.


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