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I took one look, saw he was staying at that rat trap. No thanks.
Unidentified waitress[src]

Sunnydale Motor Inn was a motel located in Sunnydale. It charged eighteen dollars a day.[1]


From late 1998 to early 1999, Faith took up residence at apartment three. There, she and Buffy were attacked by Kakistos and Trick, after the vampires had killed the manager.[1] Faith eventually moved out to a penthouse when she became an agent of Mayor Wilkins.[2]

In January 2000, another foe of the Scooby Gang, Ethan, also took up residence at the Sunnydale Motor Inn. After a fight between Buffy and Giles in Fyarl demon form in his room, Ethan performed a Fyarl transformation reversal and left the place escorted by the Initiative.[3]

In 2002, after leaving his fiance Anya at the altar, Xander spent the night at the motel alone. The night manager led him to room 7, where he informed that the air conditioner was busted and checkout was at 11.[4]

The motel was presumably destroyed along with the entire town after the battle at the Hellmouth in 2003.[5]