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Sunnydale Memorial,[1][2][3][4] also known as Sunnydale General,[5][6] was one of the hospitals in Sunnydale, along the Mercy Hospital[7] and the Sunnydale Mental Hospital.[8] Notably, Benjamin Wilkinson worked as a medical intern while Joyce Summers had her tumor treated in this hospital.[1]


In 1998, Buffy Summers was rushed to Sunnydale General with the flu after fainting, where Dr. Wilkinson attended her. At this time, der Kindestod was preying on sick children hospitalized there, and he was only seen by those who were feverish. Dr. Stanley Backer developed a formula to treat the children's fever, but the demon killed him for it. Buffy, after recovering, forced herself into becoming sick by drinking a diluted vial of a disease. She then killed the demon in the hospital's basement, saving the boy Ryan.[5]

In 2000, Graham Miller arranged a doctor to treat Riley Finn's arrhythmia in Sunnydale General. However, Spike and Harmony Kendall kidnaped Dr. Overheiser to UC Sunnydale, where he eventually performed the surgery on Riley.[6]

Between 2000 to 2001, Joyce admitted herself to the hospital numerous times because of a brain tumor.[6][1][2] During those events, a Lei-Ach demon was captured and recruited by Glorificus for to kill the Slayer.[9] Later, a Queller demon was summoned by Ben to rid the amount of mentally ill patients caused by Glory.[2]

Dawn Summers, having learned of her status as the Key, ran away and encountered Ben. He made her hot chocolate at the locker room where they talked. Dawn revealed that she was the Key and Ben turned into Glory, who then killed a guard and took Dawn to an x-ray room to question her. The Scooby Gang arrived to rescue her and Willow Rosenberg teleported Glory away.[10]

With Joyce's death, Dr. Aaron Kriegel performed her autopsy. Afterward, Buffy saved Dawn from a newly risen vampire in the same room where Joyce's body lied.[11]

Weeks later, Tara was taken to the hospital after Glory crushed her hand and took her sanity.[12] When Glory found out Dawn was the Key and captured her, all her victims broke out of their confinement from the psychiatry ward.[13]

In 2002, Buffy was taken to the hospital after Warren Mears shot her in her backyard. The paramedics operated on her until Willow, consumed by dark magic, made them leave and telekinetically removed the bullet and healed Buffy instantly.[4]

The hospital was likely destroyed along with the entire town after the battle at the Hellmouth.[14]



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