The Sunnydale Mall was a shopping mall located in Sunnydale.


In 1997, Buffy Summers encountered a vampire, Lyle Gorch, at the mall while she was out with her mother, Joyce. At that time, Lyle was attempting to prey on an unsuspecting girl by seducing her and taking her to a secluded area in the mall with various arcade games. Buffy noticed him when his reflection did not show up on the mirror wall by the escalator. Buffy then followed them to the area, where Lyle showed his vampire face, causing the girl to flee and leaving the vampire and Slayer to fight. Just as Buffy gained the upper hand, Lyle escaped before she could stake him. She then got in trouble with her mother because she forgot to pick up a dress at a tailor store called Everyday Woman.

Badeggs 004

Buffy and Joyce at the Mall

In January 1998, vampires Angelus and Drusilla used this place as a feeding ground for the Judge. They came in from the elevator with a number of lackeys to guard the exits to the food court which contained many patrons. The Judge would have killed all of them if it not for Buffy and her friends. They destroyed the Judge with a rocket launcher, breaking him into pieces and setting off the fire alarm which sprinkled the entire area with water. Buffy then confronted Angelus by a coffee shop where they fought before Buffy kicked him in the groin.

From 2001 to 2002, the mall was the site for Dawn Summers' kleptomania as she stole several miscellaneous items from various stores. A year later, the mall was destroyed along with Sunnydale, much to the shock of Buffy, Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris who planned to go there after the battle at the Hellmouth.

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