Sunnydale Junior High School was a public high school located in Sunnydale. It was headed by Principal Stevens until in 2003[1]. The school was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale by following the Battle at the Hellmouth in 2003.[2]



Prominent EventsEdit

2001 Edit

  • Kirstie tells all the school which Dawn cut herself veins.
  • Buffy Summers announce to her sister Dawn, the death of their mother Joyce.
  • Principal Stevens contact Buffy for to speak Dawn's bad grades and that if she couldn't make her sister attend school she might not be considered a suitable guardian.
  • During Buffy's death, the Buffybot is sent out with Dawn for Parent Day. She behaves oddly, but the other parents hear her comments in Ms. Lefcourt's class as expressing concerns similar to their own and the Buffybot doesn't draw any suspicion.

2002 Edit

  • Convocated by the new guidance counselor Halfrek, Dawn wishes that people would stop leaving her.



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