Sunnydale Ice Palace was an ice rink in Sunnydale. It was located past Route 17 and closed on Tuesdays.


In 1997, Angel invited Buffy Summers to ice skate in Sunnydale Ice Palace on a Tuesday, when they knew it'd be closed. Arriving early, Buffy ice skated alone, when she was attacked by Octarus, an assassin of the Order of Taraka. Angel arrived and assisted her in the fight, so Buffy slashed Octarus's throat with her ice skate blade.[1]

Buffy then kissed Angel, for the first time while he still was in his "vamp face". Unknown to them, Kendra Young observed the couple[1] and concluded that Buffy was a vampire as well.[2]

Sunnydale Ice Palace was presumably destroyed along with the entire town in 2003, after the battle at the Hellmouth.[3]



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