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The Sunnydale High cheerleading squad was Sunnydale High School's resident cheerleading squad associated with the Sunnydale Razorbacks.[1][2][3][4]


In her youth, Catherine Madison was cheerleader captain of Sunnydale High, and she led the cheeleading squad into a tri-county championship. Catherine's victories earned her the nickname "Catherine the Great" and a trophy in the school trophy case.[1]

In 1996, Joy coordinated the cheerleading tryouts, but a witch interfered by cursing her rivals: Catherine had switched bodies with her daughter Amy to become a cheerleader once again. During the auditions, Catherine made the envied Amber Grove catch on fire. Cordelia entered the team, while Buffy made it to the substitute list as the first alternate, Lishanne the second, and "Amy" the third.[1]

To enter the squad, Catherine struck Cordelia blind, made Lishanne's mouth disappear, and cast a Bloodstone vengeance spell on Buffy, which caused the Slayer hurt another cheerleader during practice and be expelled from the squad. When the squad was cheering for Sunnydale High basketball team, Catherine began switching bodies back with Amy; she fell over other cheerleaders and left the gymnasium. The next day, Cordelia was back in the squad in Amy's place.[1]

Months later, Xander observed that the cheerleaders were "modeling their new short skirts."[5] He would interview Cordelia about Emily's death during cheerleading practice in the football field.[6]


Members of the cheerleading squad at various points included: