Sunnydale High Yearbook” is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel. It was written by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder.


It’s senior year for Buffy Summers and her friends. And that means homecoming, senior prom, finals, graduation — all the usual evil doings guaranteed to make the Chosen One long for recess. Slayer duties caused Buffy to miss picking up her Yearbook, so Willow took it for her and enlisted the help of Xander, Oz, Cordelia, Giles, and Angel to make it truly special.

Filled with personal notes, candid photos, and in-jokes about SlayerFest, Halloween, substitute teachers, the principal who was eaten, Ascension, etc. – Buffy’s Yearbook is part school publication, part memory book. Written by the authors of the bestselling "The Watcher's Guide", this keepsake volume is packed with key references to the show and characters, 32 full-color pages of fan-favorite moments, and Graduation photos!



Organizations and Titles

Weapons and Objects

Behind the Scenes

  • The cover features a promotional picture taken for Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3.
  • The book includes "inscriptions" from characters on the front inside cover: Willow, Xander, Oz, Giles, Cordelia, Angel, Anya, Wesley, Snyder, Joyce, Jonathan, Harmony, Larry, Devon. On the back inside cover, the inscriptions were from the crew-folk.
  • Another book based on the Sunnydale High Yearbook was Sunnydale High Hardcover Ruled Journal.



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