The original Sunnydale High School library was located directly above the Hellmouth. It served as the Scooby Gang's base of operations since the librarian, Rupert Giles, was a member of the Watchers Council and employed the use of this area. Giles brought in old supernatural texts and medieval weapons, to provide his Slayer Buffy Summers with training during and after school hours as well as holding a source of demonic research when dealing with various threats.

It was destroyed when Buffy planted it with a large amount of explosives and detonated them in the face of the newly ascended Mayor Wilkins, destroying him along with the rest of the school (The books had already been removed).[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The center of library was octagonal, with a skylight above and a red painted line on the floor below, clearly defining its shape.

The Scooby Gang taking research during Christmas

It included a small balcony that was shaped from half of the octagon, facing opposite to the entrance with a pair of stairs each lying at the end of the balcony which also had stacks located within that held books. It also contained a wooden table with chairs in the center of the octagon. There was also a doorway at the back of the balcony which contained another room which, according to Giles, was an old boarded up cellar.[2]

To the right of the library, in front the balcony was the counter where the books were checked in and beyond that was Giles' office.  

The library was also housed right on top of the town's Hellmouth, leading it to being the site of where a multi-headed demon arose on two occasions.

Book cage[edit | edit source]

Xander in the book cage.

The book cage was located opposite to Giles' office and resembled a white steel cage with a built-in door and a rectangular slot, for book returns. Inside it housed a cupboard and a window.

It was used by Rupert Giles to store weapons and some special volumes. The cage appeared to be really strong, as it was usually employed to contain supernatural beings, in particular Oz during his werewolf transformation. The hyena-possessed Xander, Philip Henry and the Sunnydale High Swim Team, as well as Vampire Willow, were also held inside in during different occasions.

Rebuilt [edit | edit source]

The new library

In 2002, the library was rebuilt along with the rest of Sunnydale High. It retained its octagonal shape and skylight but wasn't directly over the Hellmouth. Instead, this site was then taken over by Principal Wood's office. According to former librarian Rupert Giles, this library was filled with nothing but computers. Though this seemed contradicted by earlier appearances, it was likely the computers where recently installed by 2003.

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Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Sunnydale High School library is the original, and longest running headquarters of the Scooby Gang, having been used as a meeting place for three seasons. The Magic Box is the second longest, having been used for two seasons until its destruction, while Giles's apartment and Buffy's house only served as headquarters for one season.
  • The books in the library lend an air of humor and verisimilitude to the mystical, metaphysical, paranormal, and supernatural character of the show. The library provides a convenient means for the characters to discover the true nature of the latest forces and entities that the Hellmouth has unleashed upon them and supports the show's own nature as a Bildungsroman, or coming-of-age story, symbolizing the importance both of growing up and of growing in knowledge and understanding, as many critics have pointed out.[17]
  • The Sunnydale Library, as well as the rest of the high school, was the first Buffyverse set to be retired by completely destroying it. This trend would continue with The Magic Box, and eventually on Angel with the Angel Investigations offices and Wolfram & Hart.

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