Welcome to Sunnydale High. There's no running in the halls, no yelling, no gum chewing. Apart from that, there's only one rule. If they move, kill them.
―Principal Robin Wood[src]

Sunnydale High School was a public high school located in Sunnydale. It was headed by Principal Robert Flutie.


  • Original main entrance
  • Original quad
The campus itself consisted of a large main, two story building with a front entrance behind a walkway. Its interior mainly included halls lined with lockers with garlic and crucifix and doors leading to each classroom.

The front of the school contained a sign that said in Latin "Formatia trans sicere educatorum" ("'Enter all ye who seek knowledge").


See Sunnydale High School library (Whishverse)

  • Original

Sunnydale High facilities included a library located around the middle of the school over the exact place of the Hellmouth. The library acted as the White Hats's main base of operations. The library has been known to give students the wiggins and when Rupert Giles took the position as librarian, he added many historical volumes and biographies (probably about Demonology and the Occult).[1]

  • A pep rally at the quad
  • The stair case
  • Clock tower


A prominent area was the quad, a large exterior area located at the left of the school with a gate at the end of quad. The quad had benches, palm trees, a water fountain, and a clock tower.


  • During the Careers Fair

The school possessed a lounge room contained among the hallways to the left of the entrance. The lounge had tables, couches and artwork displayed on the walls, where students could sit down, talk and eat lunch in between classes.


The school dining facility.[2]

Computer classroom

The computer class.


  • Original
  • Cheerleading audition
  • Cheerleading session
  • Cheerleading game
  • Dodge Ball game

The gymnasium was where indoor sports events were held such as the basket ball matches with other schools.[3] Cheerleading practice and auditions were held in the gym. Self-defense were also enseigned here.

Football field

  • Original

An outdoor area where football was practised and played with opposing teams from other schools.

Pool and Steam Room

  • Pool
  • Steam room

The swimming pool located inside the school for the Razorbacks' swim team to practice and compete in. It had a locker room and steam room. The steam room was exclusively for swim team members. The pool room also lead to a utility room leading to a water hole. The water hole was also connected to the sewers.

Shower and Changing Rooms

The shower and dressing rooms were located inside the school for the students to change and clean up during PE classes.


  • Stage
  • Audience
  • Main entrance
  • Side entrance

The school had an auditorium where the Sunnydale Talent Show was held.

Principal's office

  • Original (with Flutie)

The office of Robert Flutie.


  • The Scooby Gang locked by Marcie Ross

The basement level of the school with a boiler room.

School Life

Because of massive vampiric profusion in Sunnydale, many students were drained or sired. Also, the school were almost empty.

Certain strange rules were institued in the school. The students were not allowed to come in cars and the school is close before the night.

Contrary to the mainstream reality, most students and faculty members continued with their lives, living with acknowledge of the vampiric forces that haunted their town.

Deaths due to vampiric causes was daily common among both students and teachers.

Apart from that, life on Sunnydale High still continued drastically with their very own "it-girl" group called, the Cordettes, and many school social functions, including basketball,[3] football,[4] cheerleading,[3] swing choir,[5] homecoming dances,[6] and foreign student exchange programs, probably limited to the day.[7]



Groups and Clubs

Notable Alumni

As the main high school in Sunnydale, situated over a Hellmouth, many of its alumni, and even its faculty, went on to do dramatic and supernatural things.

  • Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris are sired during the Harvest and become main lieutnant of The Master. They were dusted respectly by Daniel Osbourne and the Slayer Buffy Summers.
  • Rupert Giles don't become Watcher and lead the White hats, a group of vampire hunter constitued by Daniel Osbourne, Larry Blaisdell and Nancy until he broke Anyanka's talisman and retrieve Sunnydale to the mainstream reality.
  • Cordelia Chase and Nancy are killed by vampires.

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