The Sunnydale City Hall was the local city hall at Sunnydale and the base of operations of Mayor Richard Wilkins before his fall in 1999. 

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Mayor's office, where he kept a cupboard full of various mystical items alongside his scotch (and eventually the Books of Ascension),[1] was used as a briefing room with his staff, Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, Mr. Trick, and Faith Lehane.

The conference room served as the location of the Box of Gavrok, protected by an invisible force field. The conference room was broken into by Buffy Summers and Angel in order to retrieve the box, damaging the room which had just been redecorated at the taxpayers' expense.[1]

According to Willow Rosenberg, when looking for the archives of the city to find information about the Master, the City Hall's security system was not very strong against hackers.[2]

Two years after the death of the Mayor, the city hall was destroyed by an electric blast that emanated from the portal created by Dawn Summers' blood, instantly turning the building into a burnt-out husk filled with demons.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The exterior shots of the Sunnydale City Hall are from the Iowa Courthouse Building, a real office building in Torrance.

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