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The Sunnydale Cemetery was the main cemetery in town and seemed to be the cemetery of choice for most burials/funerals. It was also the main slay ground for Buffy Summers who regularly patrolled here, waiting by new graves until the vampire rose and fought her. It also contained Spike's Crypt and Buffy's gravestone during the time she was dead.

Prominent Events

  • During her first night in Sunnydale, Buffy battled members of the Order of Aurelius, including Darla, Luke and Thomas who died.
  • Because of Billy Palmer's astral projection, a portal in front of Sunnydale High School led to the cemetery where Buffy was buried underground by the Master and then rose a vampire.
  • After the Master's death, the Scooby Gang buried his skeletal remains in the cemetery. The remaining order, led by the Anointed One, dug up the bones despite it being consecrated by holy water.
  • Chris Epps and Eric Gittleson used the cemetery to harvest body parts from dead cheerleaders that were buried there.
  • The vampire Dalton stole the Du Lac Cross the crypt it was put in.
  • Angelus nearly killed Buffy while she was patrolling, despite her being sick.
  • Rupert Giles helped Buffy with her SATs during a patrol.
  • Buffy encountered Dracula for the first time when patrolling.
  • A simple vampire managed to stab Buffy with her own stake when fighting. He was latter killed in a crypt he inhabited.
  • When Sunnydale was made into a musical by the demon Sweet, two songs occurred in the cemetary, "Going Through The Motions" by Buffy and " Rest in Peace" by Spike.
  • Spike and Xander Harris captured the demon caused Buffy's hallucinations.
  • Buffy and her sister Dawn were trapped in a hole made when the cemetery ground was leveled by a fireball created by Dark Willow.
  • Buffy trained the potential slayers in the cemetery with the help of Spike.

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Behind the Scenes

  • In the Sunnydale cemetery, there is a frequently seen mausoleum with the family name Alpert. One of the show's producers is Marc D. Alpert.
  • A makeshift cemetery was set up in the parking lot of the show’s studios in Santa Monica, and many cemetery scenes were filmed at the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery at 1831 W. Washington Boulevard, to the south of Los Angeles' Koreatown.