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Oh, I'm Sunday. I'll be killing you here in a minute or so.

Sunday was a vampire leader of a gang residing in the abandoned Psi Theta fraternity of UC Sunnydale.[1]


Sunday had a vampire gang with Dav, Tom, Jerry, and Rookie, and together they stalked their prey on the UC Sunnydale campus. They abducted freshmen to drink their blood and quickly moved to clean out the victim's dorm room, leaving behind a note that said "I can't handle the pressure" so the missing students were listed as simply drop-outs.[1]

In 1999, Sunday crossed paths with Buffy Summers, the Slayer, after kidnapping and siring her new friend Eddie. Sunday beat Buffy up on their first fight in college, spraining her right arm and dismissing her for being a freshman. Afterward, Sunday's lackeys robbed all of Buffy's belongings, and the vampires planned to kill her afterward.[1]

Buffy went after Sunday and her gang in the abandoned Psi Teta fraternity to retrieve her belongings. Sunday initially had the upper hand against the Slayer in their first confrontation. After she deliberately broke Buffy's Class Protector Award in an attempt to further demoralize her, Buffy was outraged enough to regain her confidence, and she pummeled Sunday before staking her with a broken tennis racket.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Katharine Towne.
  • The original script describes Sunday: "She's about the age of a senior, and has been for more than thirty years."[2]



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