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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Stranger to the Sun is a novel by Jeff Mariotte centered around Angel and his team.


Wesley opens a strange package that arrives by special delivery, which instantly sends him into a slumber. It seems likely he is the victim of a spell. Angel leaves with Gunn to investigate. It seems those who might have been able to help, such as magick-shop owners, have also been struck by the same slumber. Meanwhile Cordy is struggling to research without Wes available. She soon begins to uncover a plot to plunge Earth into eternal darkness, so that vampires might rule over humans. Wesley is in the midst of a horrifying nightmare. If he cannot awaken, humankind may be in for a struggle.


  • The events took place after "Image". Angel Investigations are back at the Hyperion with Wesley in charge and Angel on the team, but there is no sign of Fred and George is still alive, indicating a placement somewhere between "Epiphany" and "Belonging".
  • Reference is made to the future tension between Gunn and his gang in "That Old Gang of Mine", when Gunn recruits his old gang to find out further information about whatever is causing the mass sleep; at one point, one of the gang attempts to stake Angel during a fight, with the group as a whole 'joking' about Gunn's long absence from the main group and only tolerating Angel's presence as long as Gunn vouches for him.
  • In one chapter, while interrogating an employee working the graveyard shift at Los Angeles International Airport, Angel uses the pseudonym Herb Saunders. In Buffyverse canon, he used this alias as a goofy, slightly hyperactive tourist in Sense & Sensitivity in order to get the drop on Tony Papazian and his men and help Kate arrest them. This time, he uses the alias as an L.A.P.D. detective.
  • The novel mentions that MacKenna (the main villain of the story) managed to expertly organize Los Angeles's vampire population for the first time since the Slayer had killed the Master.



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  • Setting: Season 2.

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Lorne to Angel: "What's up, besides you, you nocturnal nugget of vampirehood?"
- Stranger to the Sun

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