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Strange Bedfellows is the fifth and final trade paperback of Angel, collecting issues four, ten, eleven, and seventeen of the comic book series, as well as "Point of Order". It was originally published on March 13, 2002 by Dark Horse Comics.

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The largest book of Angel stories yet, this volume completes the collection of Angel Volume 1, featuring stores set in the first season of the hit television series. It sees the evolution of the team of vampire hunters from the very beginning, through the death of sidekick Doyle. The title story, drawn by Rising Stars artist Christian Zanier, features a vampire brothel, in which the bloodsucking madam tries to lure Angel into unholy congress with his own kind. This volume also features the first solo Cordelia story, in which she and her haunted apartment defend themselves against a demonic intruder. Collecting issues #4, #10, #11, and #17 of the ongoing series, plus a story previously available only in T.V. Guide![1]

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