Stevenson Hall was a residence hall at University of California, Sunnydale. The students Buffy Summers, Kathy Newman, Willow Rosenberg, and Tara Maclay had their dorm rooms at this building.


Buffy originally shared a dorm room with Kathy, but the Mok'tagar demon was shortly replaced by Willow when Kathy’s father forcibly returned her to their dimension.[1] In 1999, Willow met D'Hoffryn for the first time at her dorm for a failed proposition to recruit her as a vengeance demon.[2]

Buffy then moved out of her dorm room in late 2000,[3] while Tara Maclay moved in with Willow. They lived there with two pets, the rat Amy Madison and the kitten Miss Kitty Fantastico. In 2001, the hell-goddess Glorificus went to Stevenson Hall to get her revenge on Willow. There, she discovered that Dawn Summers was the mystical Key, then chased after Buffy until she was hit by a truck outside the building. Glory destroyed two walls during the encounter, one entirely at Willow and Tara’s dorm room, and the other making a hole in one of walls of the commons room.[4]

In the common room, Warren Mears stuck a Chip of Temporal Disturbance on Buffy to distort her temporal perceptions.[5] Willow and Tara moved out to the Summers residence, until the two broke up and Tara moved back to her dorm. Willow eventually went to Tara’s dorm to use Tara’s clothes for a spell and locate her murderer, Warren.[6]

The building was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale, following the Battle at the Hellmouth.[7]





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