Mr. Stephen Platt was the Sunnydale High guidance counselor.

Platt was known for having a calm and caring, yet cynical approach when it came to his job. He was creative with his counseling, asking Debbie Foley to start a dream journal. He was unfortunately killed by Debbie's boyfriend Pete Clarner- who had recently developed superhuman strength and an extreme temper due to a serum he had created- after Debbie said she thought he was humorous. Buffy met him and took a liking to him. She then later went to see him to talk about Angel - having discussed Angel turning into Angelus without mentioning the supernatural elements - only to discover that he had been murdered. He was killed without even dropping his cigarette. Fortunately, the timing of the attack allowed the Scooby Gang to eliminate Oz and Angel as suspects for Pete's murders, as he was murdered in daylight when neither suspect would have been able to enter his office in a state to commit murder.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Phil Lewis.


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