Don't be sorry. Be smart. And please don't listen to the Principal or anyone else's negative opinions about you. Let's make 'em eat that permanent record. What do you say?
―Dr. Gregory to Buffy Summers[src]

Doctor Stephen Gregory was the science and biology teacher in Sunnydale High. He was also the first victim of the She-Mantis when the creature appeared in Sunnydale.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The homework thing. I understand you probably have a good excuse for not doing it. Amazingly enough, I don’t care. I know you can excel in this class and so I expect no less. Is that clear?
―Dr. Gregory to Buffy[src]

Unlike the other teachers in Sunnydale High, he was genuinely concerned for his students and sought to inspire them to better themselves and at the same time achieve greatness. He was also one of the few that never judged Buffy Summers because of her records that indicated she had burned the gym of Hemery High that earned the respect and affection of her.

He was beheaded by the She-Mantis, who also forcibly mated with him; this indicated that, despite his age, he was still a virgin.

Dr. Gregory’s corpse was found by Buffy in one of the fridges of Sunnydale High cafeteria. He was replaced by Ms. Natalie French, the human persona of the She-Mantis.

In her fight against the She-Mantis, an angry Buffy avenged Doctor Gregory’s murder using the knowledge that she learned from him. Later, she left his glasses in his desk as a sign of respect for him.

The Sunnydale High Yearbook mentions Dr Gregory in the In Memorium section, where it says "More than any other teacher, he inspired us to want to learn." He is also mentioned to have inspired Eric Gittleson, although Eric used his knowledge of science for evil.

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