Doctor Stanley Backer was part of the Sunnydale Hospital staff.


Questionable medical practicesEdit

Dr. Backer was known for a multitude of offenses in his line of work. He received reprimands for controversial experiments, censures for risky procedures and a court action lawsuit for malpractice (which was dropped), as well as abusing laboratory services, improper use of NIH funds, making cloning violations against the State Ethics Board and being scheduled for an investigation by the DEA for abusing IV drugs.

Despite his grim history, Dr. Backer apparently kept a good reputation at the hospital, since the security guard Don considered Backer a great man — though he did have disagreements with Dr Wilkinson, who brought up his unorthodox methods with the Medical Board of California.


In 1998, Dr. Backer had been working on a group of children suffering from a virus. With the parent's consent, Dr. Backer tried to inoculate the children by giving them controlled dosages of the same virus to raise their temperature and "burn" the virus out of them.

Since this method started to work, Dr. Backer made himself an enemy of Der Kindestod, a demon that fed on the sick children at the hospital. Just as Dr. Backer was about to give the children another dose, Der Kindestod killed him by slashing him with his claws — which the doctor couldn't see coming as the demon was invisible. Buffy Summers later used a diluted sample of Stanley's vials, giving herself the virus which allowed her to see and kill Der Kindestod, saving the children and allowing them to recover.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Richard Herd.

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