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Note: This article is about the comic story. For other uses, see Stacy.

"Stacy" is a short story from the Tales of the Vampires comic book miniseries. Written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Cameron Stewart, it was originally published on December 22, 2003, by Dark Horse Comics.


A young teenage named Stacy explains how no one gets her because she is enchanted by the idea of magic. She tried to explain this to her two friends, Jason and Dwayne, during a Lord of the Rings showing that captivated her, but she remained isolated in her beliefs.

After the movie, in her vision of magic she was an elf princess, battling orcs. In reality, she spent time battling her friend Jason's unwanted advances. Stacy reminds that most people think her magic was silly, but most people have never been murdered either. Stacy is sired at a party, from which she rises up after two days in the bushes. No one found her in all that time.

Stacy then become connected — "evil, but connected." She finally realizes that the magic lay not with the solitary elves, but with the orc hordes, the monsters. She claims the magic in her heart with a band of other vampires. On the hood of the car of the recently killed Jason, Stacy watches a meteor shower not visible for human eyes.





Death count[]

  • Stacy, sired by an unidentified vampire.
  • Jason, blood drained by Stacy.

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