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Spot the Vampire is a Tales short story. It was originally published in comic issue Tales of the Vampires, Part Two.


Spot the Vampire is told in a manner similar to a children's book; the art is colorful and cartoonish, influenced by 1950s style children's magazine games and New Yorker magazines, and the dialogue is done entirely in rhyme. The reader is tasked with, as the title implies, spotting the vampire hidden in the crowd scene. At the end of the tale, it's revealed that the frame around the opening scene was not decorative art, but rather the frame of a mirror through which the scene was viewed, at which point the narrator also reveals that he was the unseen vampire and the reader his unsuspecting victim.




Death Count[]

  • You, the reader, are eaten by a vampire.

Behind the Scenes[]


  • Spot the Vampire breaks the fourth wall not only by addressing the reader specifically, but showing them reading a Buffy comic book.



Narrator: "Search the image before you and study it well, for it harbors a gore-sucking fiend forged in hell."