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Do not deny me, Spirit Guide. Let the wisdom of those who have passed be showered upon me.
Rupert Giles (translated)[src]

Spirit Guide was a spirit who existed out of time, but had knowledge of the future, although unpredictable on their responses to those who contacted them.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1999, Rupert Giles summoned a Spirit Guide in order to discover how to prevent the apocalypse put into motion by the Sisterhood of Jhe. The Spirit appeared to him in Restfield Cemetery and they conversed in Latin.[1]

Although, they denied him an answer, as they described that these secrets belonged to time and the dark regions, and revealing them would bring Chaos down upon the living Earth. They demanded that Giles did not insisted on disturbing Spirit Guides, and their departure as the wind briefly blew over him.[1]

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