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Some of the Spikettes

All Bloody Hail!
―Spikettes' battle cry[src]

The "Spikettes" (also known as Amazons and "Spike's Harem") were a group of warrior women, both human and demon, that became the followers of Spike after he killed Non, Lord of Beverly Hills, who had taken them under her control with the aid of Noelle, a Sadecki Demon.

Originally the Spikettes were Non's soldiers, and were used by Non to expand her territory and capture humans for Non to drain. When the demon Noelle was killed, the girls were released from the their mind control she had over them.

The Spikettes lost their fighting skills when Noelle was killed, so they had to be retrained by Spike. Illyria did not trust the Spikettes, and in fact killed several of them when she reverted to her true form. Spike kept the Spikettes around primarily because Illyria didn't trust them. One of the side effects of being in Hell meant that Illyia would sometimes revert back to Fred, which made her vulnerable to being injured or killed. By keeping the Spikettes around, Illria remained constantly on edge and was therefore less likely to morph into Fred. Also, by keeping a harem of scantily clad women around, Spike was able to maintain the playboy image of a Demon Lord and hide the fact that he was secretly going out at night to save humans.

Known Members


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