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All Bloody Hail!
―Spikettes' battle cry[src]

"Spikettes"[1] was a group of female warrior demons that became the followers of Spike during the Fall of Los Angeles. Initially forced under the command of the Lord of Beverly Hills Non, they were freed by Spike[2] and formed his harem as new co-Lord, a cover for their operation of training and saving humans by night.[3]


Originally, the Spikettes were soldiers of the former Lord of Beverly Hills, Non, who used them expand her territory and capture humans for her to drain.[4] When Noelle was killed, the demons were released from the mind control the Sadecki demon had over them. The Spikettes lost the fighting skills they had been forced to perform, so they had to be retrained by Spike.[2][3]

Illyria did not trust the Spikettes, while Spike kept the Spikettes around primarily because Illyria didn't trust them.[2] One of the side effects of being in Hell meant that Illyia would sometimes take the form of Winifred Burkle, which made her vulnerable to being injured or killed.[5] By keeping the Spikettes around, Illyria remained constantly on edge and was therefore less likely to morph into Fred.[2]

Additionally, by keeping a harem of scantily clad women around[6] in Hugh Hefner's former mansion,[2] Spike maintained the playboy image of a Demon Lord.[6] This helped hide the fact that he secretly went out every night to save humans.[2][3]

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