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Note: This article is about the meta-series. For other uses, see Spike.
The current Spike logo.

Spike comics refer to the meta-series title published by IDW Publishing, the publications from Dark Horse Comics in which Spike is the title character, as well as the series from Boom! Studios in which he shares the title.

Other meta-series in the Buffyverse are the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Fray, and Tales comics.


These first comics were stories published in 1999 under the "Spike and Dru" title, as Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic spin-offs.

When IDW Publishing got the Angel license in 2005, they started putting out Spike titles of their own, including one-shots, miniseries, and a main series. These comic books used a logo based on the Angel's typeface.

In 2011, the license moved back to Dark Horse Comics, creating a new logo for the character. Their first Spike comic was published in 2012 as a Season Nine spin-off, and finally a solo Spike graphic novel.

In 2019, the 20th Century Fox-owned publishing house Boom! Studios picked up the license of the comics from Dark Horse, debuting in the same year the Angel ongoing series, spin-off to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reimagining series. As the character Spike moved to the spin-off, the series was renamed Angel + Spike from the ninth issue on. It was canceled at its seventeenth issue in 2020.






Dark Horse Comics[]

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Boom! Studios[]

  1. All the Devils Are Here
  2. What's Done Is Denied