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[[Category:Angel comics]]
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[[Category:Angel comics]]
[[Category:Angel comics]]
[[Category:Season Nine]]
[[Category:Season Nine]]

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"Spike and Faith" was the twentieth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series.


After defeating Eyghon, Spike suggests he and Faith go out for a drink. Faith was unsure, given that Angel was having a meltdown. Alasdair spoke of the risk of Angelus becoming the dominant persona and told Faith off for even letting Angel get this far. They discussed options for how to resurrect Giles and keep Angel sane. The artefact they required was in the possession of Enders, a breed of demon that fed on (and destroyed) souls. Before Spike and Faith went off in search of it, they locked Angel up.

Later that night, at a cemetery, Spike and Faith engaged the Enders in combat. After they had defeated them, the pair descended into a Victorian crypt, where they discussed their love lifes. Spike made a pass at Faith, which she declined. Faith likened Spike to Angel, much to his chagrin. This did allow him to excel in combat when they killed the nest. Spike admitted to Faith that he was not yet over Buffy and Faith recovered the Essuary.

Later at the house, they celebrated their victory. Lavinia and Sophronia made a pass at Spike, but ultimately rejected him. Then Alasdair called everyone together to perform the ritual and Spike was asked to guard Angel/Angelus/Giles. Spike talked to Angel about how unfair it was all Buffy's attraction to him stopped after he had gotten a soul.

Meanwhile, Faith made a heartfelt appeal to Giles' soul to leave the body it inhabited. In the basement, Angel suddenly responded to Spike and revealed that he was all right again. He thanked Spike and they joined the others upstairs, but before they did, Angel texted him something that would get his spirits up.

The next morning, Angel and Faith found Harmony in their shower, together with Spike.


The story was set after "Death and Consequences, Part Four", but before "What You Want, Not What You Need, Part One".

  • Spike mentioned how this time defeating the big bad did not turn him into a pile of ashes [1].
  • Faith revealed she had a crush on Daniel Craig, just like Buffy [2]



Organizations and Titles




Weapons and Objects

Death Count

Behind the Scenes


Pop Culture References

  • The alternate cover is a reference to the Archie comics.
  • Angelus claimed he spent time with Houdini.


Faith Lehane: "You won't get over Buffy by getting laid. But you'll probably get laid when you get over Buffy."
- Spike and Faith


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  2. "Anywhere But Here"
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