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Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Spike and Dru: All's Fair is a one-shot of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic comic book series. Written by Christopher Golden and illustrated by Eric Powell, it was originally published on December 27, 2000, by Dark Horse Comics.


It's 1933, and Spike and Dru, our favorite vampire duo, are at the World's Fair to have a little fun and maybe eat some tourists. But there's always someone who wants to rain on their parade — like the deadly vampire hunters who are a tad angry at Spike for killing their ancestor, a girl who just happened to be a Slayer — or the chaos wizard who's using his scientific display as a front for his attempts to call forth the Elder Gods and end the world! Another twisted tale of vampire love from writer Christopher Golden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watcher's Guide) and artist Ryan Sook (Buffy, Superman), the creative team responsible for Spike and Dru's previous Dark Horse adventures.[1]


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  • The story is set in 1933, with flashbacks from 1900.
  • It is revealed for the first time the name of the Chinese Slayer (Xin Rong) killed by Spike during the Boxer Rebellion ("Fool for Love").



Organizations and titles[]



  • Beijing, China (Only in flashbacks)
  • Chicago, USA

Death count[]

  • An old couple, killed by Spike and Drusilla.
  • Two girls, killed by Spike and Drusilla.
  • A young couple, killed by Spike and Drusilla.
  • Four Xin Rong brothers, killed by Spike, Drusilla, and the Old One.
  • The Old One, killed by Spike and Drusilla.
  • Paul Barron, killed and turned by Drusilla.

Behind the scenes[]




Cover artwork[]


Spike: "Want to have a bit of fun? Elicit some pain and suffering, maybe get an ice cream?"