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Spike was a proposed movie based on the character of Spike from Buffy & Angel. The existence of such a project is currently in question.

Originally, the show was hoped to be made as a TV movie. However, it is possible that if the project is greenlit, it may be a DVD-movie.

Production details

After Angel was canceled in 2004, WB claimed an interest in Angel TV movies. However, it was soon revealed that summer, that David Boreanaz, who had already played the character for eight years on television, would only return to his character for a theatrical release.[1]

In May 2004, James Marsters, the actor who had portrayed the character Spike, revealed that there might be a possibility of a Spike movie. [2] The same year he said that he would be willing to return to the Buffyverse if it were within five years. Beyond that five years, he feared that it would no longer be believable that Marsters was portraying an immortal character.[3]

Since 2004, Whedon has worked on other projects, such as Serenity, Wonder Woman, and Goners. However, he has approached people and asked if they would be interested in participating in the Spike movie. He has said that Amy Acker would be a part of the movie, and if Alyson Hannigan was available she might appear.[4] Whedon has even mentioned he might interlink the Spike story with that yet to be told in Buffy comics he will be writing for Dark Horse in 2007.[5]

Tim Minear revealed in late 2005 that “I had lunch with Joss and he asked me if I wanted to write and direct some blond vampire movie thing”. [6]

David Janollari, president of entertainment at The WB said in January 2006 that "We'd love to do a Spike movie with Joss Whedon." However, he added that "Joss Whedon is busy, fast becoming a kind of a big feature filmmaker. He's simply not available to us. But he knows, and you guys all know, the door is open any time that he wants to do that, for us to do that movie."[7]

Since then Whedon has continued to pursue the Spike movie, and find interested parties that would air and/or produce the film led by Minear, and starring Marsters and Acker. During March 2006, Whedon appeared on the UK TV Channel, MTV Screenplay, he announced he was still trying to get the Spike movie made.[8] In May 2006, outside the Saturn Awards, Whedon announced that he had pitched the concept to various bodies (which must include 20th Century Fox, since they own the rights to the fictional Buffyverse), but had yet to receive any feedback from those bodies.[9] Amy Acker said at a convention in May of 2006 that the Spike movie would not be happening: “I think its safe to say that’s not happening anymore, cause if they were, they’d be getting done right now. There was supposed to be three of them –- one for Spike, a Faith one and also one for Willow. I think it's safe to say that now because its not going to happen”.[10] In June 2006, Joss Whedon also said that funding was a problem: "There are certain characters I’ve been saving because I thought I might make movies about them, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I think money is standing in the way".[11]

Writing and acting

Story and continuity

  • Whedon has indicated that the comics would take place after "the end of Buffy and Angel", and indicated that the Spike movie would take place around the same time.[12]


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