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Spike was a vampire and an assassin for the Vampire King Rupert Giles in an alternate timeline experienced by Buffy Summers.

History[edit | edit source]

Assassin for the Vampire King[edit | edit source]

Spike and Drusilla joined Giles after he rose to power as the Vampire King. They believed in his vision of vampires taking over the world, as well as the power they gained as Kakchiquels by drinking from the demon-god Camazotz. Unlike many of his followers, Giles kept Spike and Drusilla close at hand, either because he felt he needed them, didn't trust them, or both.

Spike served the Vampire King as his top assassin and enforcer. After taking control of Sunnydale, Giles ordered the deaths of Joyce Summers and the Scooby Gang. Spike killed Joyce and Anya, and permanently scarred Xander. Spike would've killed everyone that night but Oz gained control of his werewolf abilities and managed to drive Spike off before he could kill anyone else. After years of Faith causing trouble for Giles' army, Spike ultimately killed her too.[citation needed]

Pursuit of Buffy[edit | edit source]

Five years into Giles' reign, Buffy escaped and Spike and Drusilla were amongst those assigned to chase her. Alongside Harmony and three other vampires, they confronted Buffy soon after her return to Sunnydale. However, Buffy managed to kill the other vampires and escape Spike and Drusilla.

Next, aware that Buffy would be making her way towards the border of vampire territory to meet up with a rescue team from the Watchers Council, Giles split her forces to go after her, with Spike and Drusilla leading separate teams. Buffy was able to kill Drusilla and make to the border, where she encountered Spike and his forces. Buffy taunted Spike that Drusilla was dancing when she died, so Spike ordered his forces to capture Buffy, as they had orders not to kill her. Despite putting up a valiant fight, Buffy was eventually overpowered and beaten down, when Spike prepared to kill her with an axe. However, the Council's rescue team finally arrived and Xander blasted Spike with a taser. Buffy drove a sword through Spike's abdomen and was able to escape, leaving behind Spike and his surviving forces. Though the Council team tried to kill Spike, he vanished after his failed attempt to kill Buffy and got away.[1]

Revenge and death[edit | edit source]

Drusilla's death drove Spike into both a murderous rage and a suicidal depression. Having witnessed Giles leave with Buffy's crossbow, Spike realized that the Vampire King had helped the Slayer to escape and blamed him for Drusilla's demise. Spike stormed a meeting where Giles was receiving a report on the effort to turn the leaders of Los Angeles into vampires and demanded retribution for Drusilla's death. After forcing Spike to wait until the meeting was over, Giles pulled the other vampire into a private meeting in his chambers. Spike quickly deduced that Giles didn't intend to kill Buffy at all and instead wanted to make her a vampire. Eventually fed up with Spike's defiance, the Vampire King beat him and threw him out the window into the sunlight. Though badly injured and burned, Spike escaped into the shade of the parking garage and left.

Wanting revenge on Giles more than Buffy, Spike made his way to the former hospital used by the Council as their headquarters and entered using a blanket as protection from the sun. However, Father Christopher Lonergan, who could psychically sense vampires, sensed Spike's presence in the building and the Council forces ambushed him in a sunlit atrium. Though Spike sought to make an alliance with Buffy similar to the one they had made to stop Angelus from unleashing Acathla, Buffy had just learned that Spike had murdered her mother and had no interest in working with or sparing Spike's life. Xander, enraged over the loss of Anya, attacked Spike, who was still weakened by his healing injuries and burns and no match for the young man. Though Buffy stopped Xander from killing Spike, she beat him up herself and ordered the Council to extract all that Spike knew from him before killing him.

Spike was locked in a cell until dusk when Buffy, Willow, and Xander returned for him. Though Spike's extensive burns had not yet healed, they had improved significantly and his hair was beginning to grow back. Some of his old swagger restored, Spike stated that they shouldn't have given him time to heal, before Xander squirted the vampire with holy water and punched him in the face. Xander simply explained that Spike had been so far gone before that they had believed that torture wouldn't be effective on him at the time. Spike confronted Xander over his loss of humor, a consequence of Anya's murder. Xander retaliated by squirting holy water into Spike's hair and laughing at Spike's reaction to it.

Spike claimed that he wouldn't break and tell them anything, when he would've happily given them the information they wanted, as he had allied himself with them before against Angelus and Acathla. Fed up with Spike, Buffy drove a stake through his chest, purposefully missing his heart, instead pinning Spike to the wall. Buffy reminded Spike of her mother's murder and assured him that they weren't bluffing. She ordered her friends to do whatever they needed to do to Spike to get him to talk, but not to kill him until they had all of the information they needed. Recognizing the seriousness of his situation, Spike gave in and agreed to talk.

For the next several hours, Xander and Willow questioned Spike about Giles' operation in Sunnydale and beyond. A great deal of what Spike told them the Council already knew from spies amongst Giles' ranks, with Spike only confirming that information. However, they were unaware of how far Giles' influence extended into LA, Spike's revelations disturbing Buffy. The interrogation lasted until after ten o'clock at night. Once they were done, Buffy gave Xander the go ahead, feeling no remorse given the lives Spike had taken. Stating that it was for Anya, Xander staked Spike. He swore at the young man before dusting.[2]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Lost Slayer

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