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Note: This article is about the character from Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer. For other uses, see Spike.
Btvs The subject of this article is of alternative canonicity.
While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

She is the sunrise.

Spike was a vampire in the 2030s in an universe where the sun had been nearly blotted out.[1]


Spike had a sexual relationship with Buffy Summers in the 2000s, but she "ditched" him when Angel came back to her.[2] Buffy and Angel married, but he eventually walked out from her.[1]

At some point, the effect of the sun on Earth was dampened, and vampires became integrated into human society.[3] When Spike went to London, a group of friends offered him a drink and led him into catacombs with caged humans to feed; Spike understood that vampires never wanted equality, only gaining the humans' trust to kill them.[2]

To stop the vampires' domination, Spike formed a coven with four witches: Charlie, Wren, Mabel, and Elowen. They planned to restore the sun's powers by having witches worldwide perform the spell remotely, not drawing attention with a gathering like in previous attempts[2] that led to Willow's death and Tara's disappearance.[2][4]

Spike had the coven perform a spell to locate Buffy in London, and he made himself known to the Slayer when a group of sired Watchers were attacking her and Thessaly, Willow and Tara's teenage daughter. The witches dusted the vampires[1] and Buffy greeted Spike with a punch, glad to finally fight a vampire properly. Thessaly went to Spike's underground hideout with the group of witches, and Spike led Buffy after the girl. Buffy initially did not trust him; she hadn't seen Spike in years, but he told her he was the only person on her side, "as usual."[2]