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Note: This article is about the comic series. For other uses, see Spike.

Spike is a comic book series from the Spike comics meta-series. Written by Brian Lynch and illustrated by Franco Urru, Nicola Zanni, and Stephen Mooney, the eight issues were originally published from October 2010 to May 2011 by IDW Publishing.


Wanting to step out of Angel's shadow, Spike decides to move to Las Vegas to investigate demonic activity there. He is joined by Team Spike regulars Beck and Betta George in a battle against the evil John and Wolfram & Hart.


The events take place circa year 2006, after the Fall of Los Angeles was undone in After the Fall, Part Seventeen, but before Spike's arrival with his ship in Twilight, Part Four.




Cover Title Issue Release date
Spikeurru1 Alone Together Now 1 October 13, 2010
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Franco Urru
No Bad too big in this all-new monthly series! The fan-favorite Angel team of Brian Lynch and artist Franco Urru are back! And this time, it's all about Spike. He's out on his own, away from Angel's watchful eye, and in charge of his own destiny. Lover, fighter, vampire with a soul, he's kick-starting his biggest adventure yet. Damsels, prepare to be saved and wooed! Forces of evil, get ready to be destroyed and mocked! Featuring guest-appearances by Angel, Illyria, and a face from the past seeking to destroy his future!
Vegas What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas 2 November 10, 2010
Writer: Brian Lynch Artists: Franco Urru, Nicola Zanni
Spike takes in all Las Vegas has to offer — the gambling, the women, and a hit new show called Cirque de No Slay. Yes, somebody's made a show about Spike's life, but they're rewriting history. Who’s responsible? The answer to that isn't half as shocking as how Spike handles it. Get ready for the ultimate battle of Spike vs. Evil!
Spike3 urru Everybody Loves Spike 3 December 22, 2010
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Nicola Zanni
A flame from the past is haunting Spike's present, and wreaking havoc in Las Vegas, which is already pretty overrun with demons and vampires and your garden variety sins and sinners. But nothing is never that simple when Drusilla is involved, and a new player is about to make things very… difficult for Spike and company.
Spike04 coverA You Haven't Changed a Bit 4 January 5, 2011
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Nicola Zanni
Spike's reunion with Drusilla is nothing short of explosive, especially considering her new lover thinks Spike has something he needs. Meanwhile, Las Vegas continues to deal with even more weirdness as Wolfram & Hart tries to get around Team Spike. Bring on the pyrokinetic and the psychic fish to save the day!
S07-05-00a Bedknobs and Boomsticks 5 February 23, 2011
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Stephen Mooney
FEATURING WILLOW! When the going gets tough, the tough call in a witch.
S07-06-00a Something Borrowed 6 March 23, 2011
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Stephen Mooney
Why is Willow out of the Buffyverse and in Las Vegas with Spike? Why does she need to help Spike with? How are they going to deal with John and Wolfram & Hart and Drusilla? Plus, spaceships and bugs are coming!
S07-07-00a Give and Take 7 April 20, 2011
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Stephen Mooney
That evil dude John is really ramping things up, but Spike has a few tricks up his own sleeve. Well, one, but still. And it all depends on whether he can trust Drusilla. No, really. Still to come… space bugs!
Spike-08-00a Stranger Things 8 May 18, 2011
Writer: Brian Lynch Artist: Franco Urru
IDW's last Spike issue! Tears! Terror! Will Spike be able to put his demons to rest (figuratively and literally), or will this final challenge be "the end" of our favorite vampire, poet, lover, and friend? Hint: It won't.


Cover Title Issues Release date
Spikevol1 Alone Together Now 1–4 April 27, 2011
It's Vegas, baby! Spike heads out to the city of sin for a special mission, taking Betta George and pyrokinetic "hot" girl Beck along for the ride. But between giant demon Elvis, a run in with an old flame, and the appearance of a certain witch... this is Spike as you've never seen him before.
Spikevol2 Stranger Things 5–8 August 24, 2011
The last IDW Spike stories come to a shattering conclusion as Spike faces a crazed killer, the full power of Wolfram & Hart, and the consequences of having a soul and a demonic ex. But it's the appearance of Willow that really shakes things up, not to mention a spaceship and some unexpected old "friends."
Spikeidwseries Spike: The Complete Series 1–8 July 11, 2012
Spike is out on his own, away from Angel's watchful eye, and in charge of his own destiny. Old flames and new challenges arise as Spike faces a crazed killer, Wolfram & Hart, and the consequences of having a soul. Collects the complete 8-issue series of Spike by Brian Lynch that connects the After the Fall storyline to the subsequent Buffy: Season 8 series.

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Behind the scenes[]

  • This series was originally planned to be unlimited, but became an 8-issue series when it was announced that Dark Horse Comics would retrieve the publishing license for Angel (and therefore Spike as well).[1]
  • Franco Urru was originally meant to work on all of the 8 issues; however, due to personal problems, he was unable to.[2] The last issue was actually written mid-way thru the series so Urru would have more time to draw it.[3]
  • This series was the fourth Spike series by creative team Brian Lynch and Franco Urru, after the miniseries Asylum, Shadow Puppets, and After the Fall.