Spike Comic Issue
Spike: After the Fall, Part One
Publication date July 16, 2008
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 1
Pages 23
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Penciller(s) Franco Urru
Inker(s) Franco Urru
Colorist(s) Art Lyon
Tom Smith
publication order
first issue in series
Spike: After the Fall, Part Two

"Spike: After the Fall, Part One" was the first issue of the Spike: After the Fall comic book mini-series.


A group of dinosaur-like demons roams the streets of what used to be LA. Spike charges in with a chain and a motorcycle. Despite the flashy entrance, the demons quickly get the upper hand in the fight. Spike tries talking his way out, but the demons don't buy it. Still worn out from some previous battle, Spike cannot gain ground against the demons.

The demons want to take Spike and a young human for a tribute to one of the Lords of LA. Before they go, though, they question the whereabouts of Nata, a member of their pack gone missing. Illyria walks in holding the dead beast, saying that Nata was so weak, his death will do nothing but strengthen "flock." Using this distraction, Spike takes the rather long tongue of the head demon, wraps it around the demon's neck and chokes him.

We then see that there are many humans nearby watching the spectacle. Spike holds up the kid he saved and asks "anyone here want a kid?!"

A few hours later and the amusement park near the fight is getting raided by Spike and his right-hand man Jeremy (whose name Spike thinks is Jerry). They tell the humans that were saved that they will dine "like tourists" tonight.

A flashback shows Spike fighting a few gargantuan demons with a voiceover from Spike recapping the events: joined the good team, fight to the death, city went to hell. Spike finds Illyria in the form of Fred and tried to move people to safety.

Back in the present, Spike and Jeremy see Illyria, looking like Fred, talking to the child they saved. Spike gets upset and pulls her away. A couple from the crowd agrees to take in the boy. Spike thanks them and tells them to keep the kid far from Illyria. As Fred, Illyria begins to realise that she is in pain from a bad wound to her side. Spike reminds her of her true form. Jeremy questions the ethics behind encouraging an ally to "be an evil demigoddess".

In answer, Spike slaps Jeremy. When asked if Jeremy felt it, he says he did. Spike explains that as a vampire, he feels less and Illyria would feel nearly nothing. It was the only way she would survive Hell A. Jeremy confides to Spike that he was on his way to San Diego to propose to his girlfriend, saying that he should have left a few hours earlier.

Through voiceover, Spike laments that now he ought to feel guilty and apologise for the slapping. Spike gets ready to leave, but the crowd complains about the lack of entertainment, wanting to play around the amusement park before moving on. The remaining dinosaur demons look on, saying that when Spike leaves, they will attack again.

When one of the demons goes rogue in order to kill Spike, avenging Nata's death, they are easily killed by two tight-leather-wearing female demons.

Meanwhile Spike, unaware of the danger he was nearly in, talks about finding a new place to stay. He goes to the old Wolfram and Hart offices, saying that it might, ironically, be the safest place to stay.  Suddenly fire erupts nearby. A dragon appears.

The crowd, now annoying Jeremy to play around the park, is suddenly attacked by a group of the leather-clad demons.


The story is set after "First Night: Spike", but before "Angel: After the Fall".




Body Count

  • Five reptilian demons, killed by Illyria (reversed)
  • a reptilian demon, killed by Spike (reversed)
  • Two reptilian demons, killed by a Spikette (reversed)

Behind the Scenes


Pop Culture References

  • Spike references Charmed claiming that in hell the only show televisions air is "that awful show about the witch sisters" (though Buffy and Charmed share a quite similar premise).


Variant Covers