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Spike's ship was the interdimensional flying vehicle used by Spike and his crew.


This machine was originally the escape pod of a technologically advanced ship capable of space, subterranean and interdimensional flight, inhabited by friendly giant bug-like creatures. After the original ship was hijacked by Wolfram & Hart with the intention of evacuating from this dimension in anticipation of the Twilight crisis, Spike helped the bugs gain control over the escape pod. The escape pod was capable of (space) flight, but not subterranean or interdimensional travel.

Spike's ship

The escape pod.

During the Twilight crisis, Spike used it to transport some members of the Slayer Organization to Sunnydale to protect the Seed of Wonder, afterwards he continued to live on it for some time, before it was destroyed in a battle against Moai, the guardians of the Easter Island Hellmouth.