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Speed was the ability a being had to move in a given amount of time, notable when faster than the average human.


During Twilight's empowerment, Buffy and Angel gained a multitude of new powers, including great enhancement in their speed.[1] When she tested it, Buffy discovered she could run faster than a bullet.[2]

Glorificus's advanced speed appeared as a fast-moving blur to the naked eye.[3]

Doc, a demon, could speed past Spike and attack him from behind before the vampire could anticipate.[4]

A soul eater was capable of moving at extreme speeds, making it nearly invisible to the human eye and difficult to tag by even the likes of Connor.[5]

Vampires could move much faster than normal humans. They could flash across distances in an instant[6] or be perceived as a fast-moving blur from the perspective of a human.[7]

Similarly to vampires, Turok-Hans possessed great speed that mimicked teleportation. In Buffy's first encounter with one, it appeared right next to her, even though it was unseen seconds before.[8]

Connor also demonstrated his superhuman speed. He showed up out of nowhere and caught an axe thrown at Fred,[9] and he surprised Cordelia by handing her a towel despite sitting by a window still several meters away a few seconds before.[10]

A Slayer had impressive running speed. Buffy outran a raiding motorcyclist on his bike[11] and caught up an escaping school bus.[12]