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You're the Project.
―Holland Manners to Angel[src]

The Special Projects Division was a department at Wolfram & Hart. It dealt with cases of a supernatural nature and of particular importance for the firm's long term plans, such as the corruption of Angel and the recruiting and protection of assassins with supernatural abilities.
It was headed by Holland Manners, then Linwood Murrow and then Lilah Morgan who each died in the midst of their occupancy of the job.


Project AngelEdit

The division's, and possibly the entire branches' primary operation was preparing Angel for the upcoming Apocalypse.

Project DarlaEdit

The resurrection and exploitation of Angel's former lover, Darla.

Bethany ProjectEdit

The scheme to lure the teenage telekinetic Bethany Chaulk into Wolfram & Hart in hopes of exploiting her massive power.

Members Edit

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