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You're the Project.
―Holland Manners to Angel[src]

The Special Projects Division was a department at Wolfram & Hart. It dealt with cases of a supernatural nature and of particular importance for the firm's long term plans, such as the corruption of Angel[1] and the recruiting and protection of assassins with supernatural abilities.[2]

It was headed by Holland Manners,[3] then Linwood Murrow,[4] and then Lilah Morgan,[5] who each would die in the midst of their occupancy of the job.[6][5][7]


  • The division's, and possibly the entire branches', primary operation was preparing Angel for an upcoming apocalypse.[1]
  • The resurrection and exploitation of Angel's former lover Darla.[6]
  • The scheme to lure the teenage telekinetic Bethany Chaulk into Wolfram & Hart in hopes of exploiting her massive power.[2]