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23:05, February 15, 2008The Long Way Home.jpg (file)63 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:03, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-11.jpg (file)64 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:03, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-10.jpg (file)61 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:03, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-09.jpg (file)73 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:03, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-08.jpg (file)67 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:02, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-07.jpg (file)65 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:02, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-06.jpg (file)60 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:02, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-05.jpg (file)56 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:02, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-04.jpg (file)72 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:01, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-03.jpg (file)53 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:01, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-02.jpg (file)63 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
23:00, February 15, 2008BuffyS8-01.jpg (file)48 KBOzzel ({{Comiccover}})
04:44, February 14, 2008Buffycomicheader.png (file)30 KBScarecroe 
04:44, February 14, 2008Angelcomicheader.png (file)32 KBScarecroe 
00:15, February 13, 2008Twilight.jpg (file)183 KBScarecroe 
00:15, February 13, 2008Twilight.png (file)5 KBScarecroe 
16:54, February 11, 2008Totv02.jpg (file)37 KBPaul730 (Cover of ''Tales of the Vampires'' #2.)
01:54, February 11, 2008AngelTitlecard.jpg (file)26 KBScarecroe 
17:09, February 10, 2008WaitingWings.jpg (file)44 KBScarecroe 
03:41, February 8, 2008SkipSchoolnik.jpg (file)13 KBScarecroe 
03:13, February 8, 2008MereSmith.jpg (file)13 KBScarecroe 
00:20, January 31, 2008MutantEnemy.jpg (file)53 KBScarecroe 
00:04, January 31, 2008Valet.jpg (file)20 KBScarecroe 
23:22, January 29, 2008Wiki wide.png (file)6 KBScarecroe 
23:17, January 29, 2008Wiki.png (file)27 KBScarecroe 
01:37, January 29, 2008Kate.jpg (file)23 KBScarecroe 
01:37, January 29, 2008Holland.jpg (file)21 KBScarecroe 
17:25, January 6, 2008Tara2.JPG (file)38 KBApollo Gilgamesh (A low-resolution picture of Tara from the episode "Once more with feeling". This image was taken from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 DVD collection.)
06:03, December 9, 2007RileyFinn.JPG (file)53 KBMiss Burkle (For the Riley Finn page for a better understanding of his character. Found at [])
05:10, November 24, 2007BuffyFaith.jpg (file)25 KBPaul730 (Screenshot from ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' episode "Revelations". Used to identify the characters Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane. [ Source])
11:57, November 20, 2007Anyanka.jpg (file)21 KBPaul730 (Screenshot from ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' episode "The Wish". Used to identify the character of Anya Jenkins in her vengeance demon form.)
11:26, November 20, 2007Anyankaamulet.jpg (file)5 KBPaul730 (Used to identify a vengeance demon's amulet.)
10:24, November 20, 2007B3x03 Faith 01.jpg (file)89 KBPaul730 (Screenshot from ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' episode "Faith, Hope & Trick". Used to identify Faith Lehane's first appearance.)
16:54, November 18, 2007BuffykillsAngel.jpg (file)81 KBPaul730 (Screenshot from ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' episode "Becoming, Part Two''. Used to identify the moment where Buffy Summers kills Angel.)
06:29, November 18, 2007Werewolf.jpg (file)36 KBPaul730 (Used to identify a werewolf. [ Source])
06:08, November 18, 2007UndergroundDecoy.jpg (file)35 KBPaul730 (Used to identify the character Buffy Summers (underground decoy) [ Source])
10:11, September 18, 2007Wesly and fred.jpg (file)60 KBVassleto 
10:00, September 18, 20074898501 2 45.jpg (file)55 KBVassleto 
09:39, September 18, 2007Spike2.jpg (file)11 KBVassleto 
09:38, September 18, 2007Spike013.jpg (file)25 KBVassleto 
08:57, September 18, 2007Connor.jpg (file)14 KBVassleto 
22:59, March 29, 2007Carnyss Demon.jpg (file)21 KBGonzalo84 (A Carnyss demon)
21:07, March 29, 2007First Evil.jpg (file)44 KBDragonclaws (The First Evil's real form.)
01:11, March 29, 2007Rack.jpg (file)59 KBDragonclaws (The warlock Rack.)
01:05, March 29, 2007Dragon.jpg (file)33 KBDragonclaws (A dragon flies from the dimensional portal opened by Glory.)
00:58, March 29, 2007Warren.jpg (file)47 KBDragonclaws (Warren's final attempt to kill Buffy.)
19:00, March 28, 2007Buffy Grave.jpg (file)121 KBDragonclaws (Buffy's tombstone.)
21:28, February 9, 2007Angel investigations logo.jpg (file)21 KBGonzalo84 (The logo of Angel Investigations)
08:00, November 3, 2006Forum new.gif (file)367 BAngela 
12:17, April 20, 2006Favicon.ico (file)11 KBSannse (remove transparency)

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