Always messy when you have to open 'em up. That's why I prefer the less invasive procedures. Never got used to the sight of blood. Ugh. Still makes me nauseous.
―Dr. Sparrow[src]

Doctor Sparrow was a doctor and scientist that performed certain services to Wolfram & Hart and other extremely wealthy clients. The procedures that he performed included implanting knowledge into people's minds, brainwashing, and giving people x-ray vision.


Serving Wolfram & Hart Edit

Doctor Sparrow, as per the orders of the Senior Partners, implanted Charles Gunn with total knowledge of all human and demon laws, demonic languages, golf techniques, and Gilbert & Sullivan compositions, thus making him the head of Wolfram & Hart's Legal Department. He had also been setup to create certain drugs, implying that that he worked with dealers.

When Gunn discovered that he was losing his mental upgrades and not wanting to go back to simply being "the muscle" of Angel's crew, he made a deal with Sparrow to get a sarcophagus out of Customs. The upgrade was improved and made permanent.

However, he was exposed as a co-conspirator with Knox to resurrect the Old One, Illyria, using Fred's body. Upon discovering this, Gunn assaulted Sparrow, demanding knowledge of how to bring Fred back and eject Illyria from her body, but Sparrow calmly informed him that Fred's soul was completely consumed by Illyria's resurrection.

After telling Gunn that he now had to live with the consequences of their deal, he was pistol-whipped by Wesley and subsequently tortured by Spike, ultimately revealing Illyria's plans.

Post Wolfram & Hart Edit

Following the Fall of Los Angeles and its restoration, Dr. Sparrow created evil clones of the Angel Investigations team, including Cordelia, Fred, and Wesley. Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Illyria effortlessly defeated the clones and tracked Sparrow down. Ultimately, Angel's clone, the last one left alive, betrayed Sparrow and destroys his work before dying himself.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Marc Vann.

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