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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Soul Trade is a novel by Tom Sniegoski centered around Angel and his team.


Angel understands the importance and meaning of the soul. His soul has driven him on his journey of redemption. Now he discovers those who would pay for a soul. Doyle, Cordelia, and Angel find a girl whose soul has been taken away from her. It seems a soul trade is developing its own black market; the soul is an item of wealth to gamblers, junkies, and others in Los Angeles's vast underworld. The soul of an innocent girl is a desirable item. Soon Angel proves the value of his own soul.


The events took place after "Close to the Ground" but before "Redemption".

  • After his first sighting of Aubery (the little girl whose soul has been taken) Angel is strongly reminded of his own sister, Kathy, reflecting that the moment when he traded on his sister's innocence to enter the family home remains one of his most painful memories of his sins as Angelus.
  • While Angel and Doyle attempting to find information on the Kurgarru (the soul-eating demon responsible for the soul trade) Doyle briefly suggests Angel contact "Jeeves". Angel correcting him by noting that he is actually referring to Giles, but his reluctance to contact Sunnydale unless there is no other option prompts Angel to suggest that Doyle contact Harry instead.



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Angel: "There was a race of demons that fed on souls, but I was led to believe they died out a long time ago... maybe my information was wrong."
- Soul Trade
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