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Five days, sitting through your endless chattering, waiting for the right moment to free my child. You want to learn about vampires, little girl? Here's your very last lesson. Don't call my hair stupid.
―Sophie Downs[src]

Sophie Downs, nicknamed Die Einsame (The Lonely), was an ancient vampire who was sired as a young girl. She was the sire of Roche.


Sophie Downs pretended to be a young Watcher-in-training in order to release Roche from his imprisonment at the hands of the Watchers Council. In order to keep her cover, she refused to carry crosses when in presence of Roche, asking for a stake instead.

Her status was discovered by Edna Fairweather, who tried to behead her but was knocked out instead. Afterward, Sophie was slain by Dunworthy, who took advantage of the vampire's distraction.

Powers and abilities[]

Magnificent. Had the power to mesmerize, a power known to so few of us.

Sophie possessed the common powers and weaknesses of vampires. She also had mesmerizing powers, which she used on young Watcher-in-Training Roger.