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"Some Like It Hot" is a short story from the Tales of the Vampires comic book miniseries. Written by Sam Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale, it was originally published on April 28, 2004, by Dark Horse Comics.


A vampire hates the cold that he fells as an undead creature and wants to feel warm again. Removing his heart would make him invulnerable to many vampire weaknesses, but it would end in his death after 24 hours.

As a solution, a doctor replaces the organ with silver to sustain the vampire's body. The procedure is a success, and the vampire is able to enjoy the sunlight once more. He quickly become annoyed at how warm he is.


  • Vampires becoming temporarily invincible crumbling into dust through a procedure that removes their hearts had been featured in "Heartthrob."




Death count[]

  • The nurse, killed by the vampire.

Behind the scenes[]



Vampire: "The sun! After so long I'm finally able to bask in its warm, beautiful rays. All the cold is gone! All that's left is warmth and joy! Yeah. Warmth. Warmth and... warmth and... and... $#%@, it's hot. I need a drink..."