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If I know anything about good luck, it's that someone always shows up to take it away.

Soledad was a Slayer. She was also a former member of a girl gang called Las Cuchillas.


I'll slay the hell out of vampires. But I ain't joining no other bunch of girls. I'm doing this alone.

Soledad was activated as a Slayer on her 16th birthday while backing out from Las Cuchillas. Thanks to her powers, she managed to beat back her former comrades. Afterward she watched Andrew and Vi's television commercial but refused to seek the Slayer Organization out, preferring to be found instead.

A week later, Soledad was approached by Andrew himself, and was told about Slayers and vampires. However, she was turned off by Buffy Summers' inclusivity pitch—which Soledad heard scrambled due to a lousy cell phone signal—that she associated with having been a part of Las Cuchillas. Instead, Soledad chose to hunt vampires on her own.

Soledad came across Harmony Kendall, a vampire and reality TV star, and her television crew while in a tattoo parlor getting her Las Cuchillas tattoo obscured. The Slayer infiltrated Harmony's reality television show Harmony Bites by pretending to be an extra for Harmony's party. She attempted to slay the vampire with a broken clapboard, but Harmony (by luck) managed to stake her during their scuffle and then drained her. The Slayer Organization watched the image in horror, while it hit record download ratings on the net.

Harmony drinks Soledad

Harmony kills Soledad

Soledad's death revealed the existence of Slayers on television and caused an image problem for Buffy and her fellow Slayers due to the massive vampire-loving public.

Behind the scenes[]

Soledad is never named in the issue itself. Her name was revealed in a Q&A with Scott Allie, who stated, "Jeez, did we never address her by name in the comic? Sloppy, sorry."[1]

Soledad is a Spanish name meaning "solitude", referring to her operating as a solo Slayer.


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