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Sobekian transmogrification spells were thousands of years old, thought lost to most, but were procured and performed by Glory and Dreg. Those spells transform reptiles into specified demonic creatures for various purposes.

Ingredients / Requirements[]

  • Khul's amulet
  • Sobekian Bloodstone
  • Any reptile
  • A vase large enough to contain the reptile
  • Recital (native): The form is vessel, rendered new. The base is stone, bathed in blood. The gem is fire and elements rarefied... Sobek, grant the power... That it may mold this wretched creature... That it may be reborn... That it may serve... arise!


The creature created by this spell closely resembles a Yuan-Ti Abomination (right hand figure), a creature from Dungeons & Dragons which can have the physical traits of any kind of snake, much like the spell is said to be able to use any reptile and would, logicaly, produce a similar but distinct creature each time. Like the creature created by this spell, a Yuan-Ti Abomination is an intelligent and physically powerful servant of a reptile deity. It is unknown if this similarity is deliberate.