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A lot of educators tell students: 'Think of your principal as your pal.' I say: 'Think of me as your judge, jury, and executioner.'

R. Snyder[1][2][3][4] was the authoritarian principal of Sunnydale High School from 1997[5] to 1999,[6] following the death of Principal Robert Flutie.[7] In direct contact with the Mayor of Sunnydale, Richard Wilkins,[8] Snyder spent a good deal of his efforts covering up the otherworldly occurrences that took place in the school[1] through contrived and flimsy explanations.[9] Aside from that, he was also keen on maintaining and improving the school's image without any real concern for the students that attended there.[10]

Snyder was the last principal to head Sunnydale High before its destruction during the battle at the graduation of the Class of '99, when Snyder met his untimely demise at the hands of the Mayor.[6]


Early life[]

Snyder demonstrated a cheerful yet unappealing disposition under the influence of the cursed Milkbar candy bars, a reflection of how he was during his youth.[11] Buffy wondered that he never dated once during high school, which Snyder himself admitted without shame.[8]

Becoming principal of Sunnydale High[]

This place has quite a reputation. Suicide, missing persons, spontaneous cheerleader combustion… You can't put up with that. You've gotta keep an eye on the bad element. Like those three. Kids. I don't like them. From now on you're gonna see a very different Sunnydale High. Tight ship, clean, orderly, and quiet.
―Snyder assumes his position at Sunnydale High.[src]
Snyder 1x09

Snyder catches Buffy snooping around after school hours.

Shortly after Principal Flutie was devoured alive by the "Pack" in 1997,[7] Snyder replaced him as the principal of Sunnydale High School. He forced librarian Rupert Giles to host the Sunnydale Talent Show, also forcing Buffy Summers, Alexander Harris, and Willow Rosenberg to participate after hearing their desire to "to watch and mock and laugh" at the performances, allowing them to be treated with the same courtesy as punishment for their disrespect towards school events and authority, as well as skipping class.[5]

By this time, Snyder was fully aware of the school's reputation for supernatural occurrences[9] (including how his predecessor died)[5] and, by extension, the fact that Sunnydale itself was located on a Hellmouth.[1] Snyder was one of the front men that Mayor Wilkins[8] put in place to cover up supernatural activities in Sunnydale.[1]

Following the murder of Emily Djiemanowicz, a contestant in the talent show, Snyder connected the mysterious events to a lack of discipline and claimed that things had to change from now on. After he caught Buffy breaking into Morgan Shay's locker, Snyder immediately became suspicious of her and from then on maintained an ill-opinion of her and her activities. Unbeknownst to him, Buffy was actually investigating the murder[5] as she was secretly the Slayer, responsible for dealing with supernatural threats along with her friends. Due to her involvement in these events, Snyder became a constant source of conflict for Buffy.[9][8]

Activities within the school[]

When Marcie Ross began taking revenge on popular students for ignoring her, which led her to becoming invisible, Snyder was on the scene to tend to any students that were victimized. This wasn't in any consideration for their safety or well-being; Snyder merely acted in order to prevent any lawsuits against the school from ensuing as a result of their injuries.[10]

At the beginning of Buffy's junior year, Snyder forced Buffy and Sheila Martini to work together to organize parent-teacher night, due to both girls having a history of violence. When the vampire Spike and his lackeys attacked the school, Snyder came into a disagreement with Buffy on how to react to the situation when locked in a classroom with her mother, Joyce Summers, and other staff members. After the danger was over, Snyder consulted with Police Chief Bob Munroe, also an active participant in the cover-up of Sunnydale's bizarre events, and it was decided that the official explanation for the event was gang-related PCP. When Munroe questioned the believability of such claims, Snyder told him that it would suffice in face of the truth.[9]

During Halloween, he forced students to "volunteer" as chaperones for young children trick-or-treating around town, as part of a volunteer safety program.[12]

When a poltergeist set upon a plague of snakes in the school cafeteria, Snyder once again had to consult with the police chief and this time blamed the problem on sewer maintenance.[1] After the death of computer teacher Jenny Calendar, Snyder appointed Willow to act as temporary replacement for her class due to her academic performance. Even though Snyder was impressed with her teaching abilities, he disapproved with her rightfully failing Gage Petronzi as he was an active swim team member during the upcoming state championship, and Snyder asked that Willow raise his grade to passing.[13]

Conspiring with the Mayor[]

Snyder 2x22

Snyder gleefully expels Buffy from Sunnydale High.

When Angelus' minions attacked Buffy's friends at the school library, Snyder alerted the police, who arrived right after the death of Kendra Young, and, despite full knowledge of Buffy's innocence, told the police that whenever there was trouble, Buffy was behind it. Buffy then escaped police custody and later returned to the library, which was now a crime scene, to retrieve a blessed sword. Snyder confronted her at the library and — seeing this as an appropriate time — expelled her, much to his delight. He also boasted that the police would never discover that she didn't do what she was suspected of because they were "deeply stupid." As Buffy left, Snyder called the Mayor and informed him of what just happened.[8]

Despite his assessment of the police, they did eventually discover that Buffy was not responsible for either Kendra's death or the associated attack on the others; nevertheless, when Buffy returned to regain admission, Snyder refused to allow her back, citing her spotty attendance record, poor grades, and a "tingling pleasure" that he received when he finally got rid of her. However, Snyder was forced to allow Buffy back after being overruled by the School Board and being physically and professionally threatened by Giles.[2] He nevertheless made it difficult for her by adding a number of terms and conditions.[3]


Snyder is turned into his teenage self.

Snyder later forced the student body to sell candy bars in order to fund the marching band. Unbeknownst to him, the candy bars were cursed to make any adult who ate them regress into their teenage selves. This was so the Mayor could partake in the tribute sacrifice to the demon Lurconis by offering live babies as a food sacrifice, the lack of authority figures preventing any interference. Despite Snyder being associated with Wilkins' schemes, he ate some of the candy and became a teenager himself who accompanied Buffy on her mission to prevent the sacrifice, though was not allowed to join Buffy in the slaying of Lurconis as he proved to be a liability. The following day when the effect of the candy wore off, Snyder made the Scoobies clean up the school lockers after they were vandalized by the pubescent-minded adults the night before.[11]

Months later, Snyder, after going through a paranoid search for drugs, intervened during a trade between Buffy and the Mayor, bringing armed police with him. He backed off when he saw his boss. Then he witnessed the inhabitants of the Box of Gavrok escape and kill one of his policemen, and bemoaned that they couldn't simply be doing a drug deal like "normal people."[14]

Death and legacy[]

During the preparation for the graduation of the Class of '99, Snyder was praised for his contributions by the Mayor who was also a guest speaker and promised to reward him. At the event itself, Snyder was shocked to see the Mayor's Ascension into the demon Olvikan. Snyder opposed the disorder he was causing and vocalized his disapproval to the giant demonic snake. In response, Wilkins swallowed him whole before the student body.[6]

One year later, Snyder appeared in Xander's Apocalypse Now-themed nightmare brought about by the First Slayer.[15]


There are things I will not tolerate. Students loitering on campus after school. Horrible murders with hearts being removed. And also smoking.

Snyder was a strict disciplinarian with an avowed hatred for teenagers. He once compared them to locusts, and when questioned on why he chose to be a high school principal, he claimed he had to keep an eye on them as they were "a bunch of hormonal time bombs" that he aimed to guide, especially when it came to discipline, respect and punctuality - which were, essentially, what he viewed as important in life.[16]

Snyder seemed to value the school's reputation over the welfare of the students. When Mitch Fargo was nearly beaten to death, Xander and Willow distracted Snyder by claiming Mitch's dad was a powerful lawyer, allowing Buffy to investigate the scene of the attack as Snyder was adamant on preventing the student's parents from initiating civil action. Later on when Harmony Kendall was pushed down a flight of stairs on school grounds by the same attacker, Snyder quickly prompted her not to sue.[10]

Snyder appeared to view supernatural occurrences in the same disapproving vain as undisciplined behavior; putting smoking and loitering in the same sentence with murders as things he didn't tolerate and standing up to the ascended Mayor for not acting in a disciplined and orderly manner, not once taking any notice of the fact that he had just turned into a gigantic demon and killed two students in front of him.[6]

He favoured the sustainability of the grades of students involved in athletics solely because of their participation in competitions. He requested that the lazy swimmer Gage be unfairly marked due to his importance to the school's victory at the state championship. He, however, seemed to care for them for that reason only, as shown when hearing of the apparent deaths of the best swimmers.[13]

When transformed into a teenager, Snyder showed a huge contrast to his adult self. He was a fun-loving dork who treated Buffy and her friends kindly, even positively commenting on Oz's hair.[11]


  • Buffy Summers — Snyder developed an early antagonism towards Buffy because of her history of violence and involvement in strange occurrences. He viewed her as a delinquent and openly expressed an interest in having her not only expelled but also locked in jail.[16] After catching Buffy attack an armed and possessed student, Snyder showed his personal agenda against her: "I'm a truth seeker. I've got a missing gun and two confused kids on my hands — pieces of the puzzle. And I'm gonna look at all the pieces carefully and rationally, and I'm gonna keep looking until I know exactly how this is all your fault."[1] Even though Buffy might not have been guilty of Kendra's murder, Snyder still acted against her, knowing the police would not find out the truth as they were "deeply stupid" (according to him). Expelling her was a moment he wanted to savour and live for over again and again.[8] Keeping her out of school was not only what he thought was his right but something that gave him physical pleasure, although he was ultimately forced to let her back in.[2] Buffy, likewise, cared little for him, took every opportunity to mock him, and showed no signs of remorse at seeing his death at the hands (or mouth) of Mayor Wilkins.[6]
  • Alexander Harris — Snyder considered Xander to be worth nothing and claimed that whatever came out of his mouth was "a meaningless waste of breath. An airborne toxic event."[17] Xander, likewise, had no care for Snyder either and was delighted when Mayor Wilkins ate him, openly admitting as such when the First Slayer invaded his dreams. [15]
  • Willow Rosenberg — Unlike most students, Willow was actually on good terms with Snyder due to her high academic performance, representing the pinnacle of academic achievement despite her "unsavory" associations.[18] Snyder himself said Willow was a team player when she agreed to continue teaching Jenny Calendar's computer class, something he liked.[13] However, he did bully Willow into doing things that she wouldn't like but would benefit the school's reputation, such as making her unfairly pass a failing Gage Petronzi and tutor the lazy, held back Percy West. Even though Snyder never said anything that could be interpreted as a threat, Willow knew he meant something due to the look of his eyes and nostrils.[18] Three and a half years after his death, Willow compared Wood with Snyder, saying Wood was "so much cooler" than him.[19]
  • Rupert Giles — During his job as librarian at Sunnydale High School, Giles was forced to work under Snyder. He was tolerant of him most of the time, only because he had to be, but referred to him as the "Führer" when explaining to the Scooby Gang why he had to run the talent show.[5] Snyder found Giles "weird" for seeing so much potential in Buffy while all he ever saw was a irresponsible delinquent.[16] At one point, Giles threatened Snyder with violence when he didn't allow Buffy to be accepted back into his school.[2]


Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Armin Shimerman.
  • In the episodes he appears in, Armin Shimerman is always credited with "as Principal Snyder."
  • The non-canon novel One Thing or Your Mother, which explores Snyder's abusive childhood at the hands of his mother, reveals his first name to be "Cecil." This contradicts the initial "R" seen in the television show.
  • Armin Shimerman originally auditioned for the role of Principal Flutie, but lost that role to Ken Lerner.[20]
  • In the beginning of "First Date," a large tombstone can be seen bearing the name "SNYDER," although never confirmed to be his.