This article is about the show. For the episode, see Smile Time.

Smile Time was a show created by Gregor Framkin. It was originally an innocent children’s daytime TV show on KTCE, but was taken over by the puppets themselves. It included songs such as "Self Esteem" and "Courage and Pluck".


In 2003, the ratings dropped so Framkin made a deal with some demons to fix up the show, but they completely took over the show and Framkin himself. The puppet demons used the songs in the show to mask their actual intention, which was to suck power from the children watching. Each child that they used went catatonic and had a permanent smile.

When they attempted to take their whole audience, they were all defeated by Angel and his crew.[1]




Behind the Scenes

  • A majority of the puppeteers were veteran Muppeteers.[citation needed]


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