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"Smile Time" is a comic book miniseries spin-off of Angel comic book series. Written by Scott Tipton and illustrated by David Messina, it was originally published by IDW Publishing from December 2008 to April 2009.


This story is a three-part adaptation of Angel episode "Smile Time".




Cover Title Issue Release date
SmileTime 1 Smile Time, Part One 1 December 24, 2008
Writer: Scott Tipton Artist: David Messina
Joss Whedon's classic "Smile Time" episode of Angel became a cult favorite and led to a comic book sequel, "Spike: Shadow Puppets". Now look back at that fan-favorite episode, adapted here into an all-new, three-part miniseries by the "Angel: Masks" teams of Scott Tipton and original IDW Angel artist David Messina. The Angel Puppet gets his own variant photo cover, too.
SmileTime 2 Smile Time, Part Two 2 February 18, 2009
Writer: Scott Tipton Artist: David Messina
The three-part adaptation of the beloved "Angel puppet" episode continues as Angel finds himself in dire, and quite plush, circumstances.
SmileTime 3 Smile Time, Part Three 3 April 15, 2009
Writer: Scott Tipton Artist: David Messina
The three-part adaptation of the beloved 'Angel puppet' episode concludes as Angel takes the fight against Smile Time directly into his four-fingered, felt-covered hands. Adapted by Tipton and Messina (Angel: First Night).


Cover Title Issues Release date
Smile Time HC "Smile Time" 1–3, others August 19, 2009
Writer: Scott Tipton Artist: David Messina
From the same team behind IDW's bestselling series from creator Joss Whedon, Angel: After the Fall, comes three tales about the fan-favorite puppet characters! This collection features the re-adaptation of the fan-favorite episode "Smile Time", the mini-series "Shadow Puppets" (which include puppet Spike and Lorne), and a puppet story from the special collection "Angel: Mask".

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